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Open-source real-time chat, built on Firebase
Real-time chat with no server code.

What is Firechat?

Firechat is an open-source, real-time chat widget built on Firebase. It offers fully secure multi-user, multi-room chat with flexible authentication, moderator features, user presence and search, private messaging, chat invitations, and more.

Which technologies does Firechat use?

The core data layer under Firechat uses Firebase for authentication, real-time data synchronization, and data persistence.

The default interface uses jQuery, Underscore.js, and Bootstrap. Icons by Glyphicons. Build and compilation managed with Grunt and code hosted by GitHub.

What can I do with Firechat?

With Firechat, you get full-featured chat in your application with a few simple script includes. Additionally, Firechat is easy to modify and extend. Based upon it's simple underlying data model and Firebase-powered data synchronization, it's easy to add new features, modify the UI, and customize to fit your specific needs.

If Firechat doesn't currently meet your needs, feel free to fork the repo and tweak the code!

Who's behind Firechat?

Firechat was built by the folks at Firebase in San Francisco, California.

Community submissions are encouraged! Star Firechat on GitHub and send a pull request when you're ready to contribute!

Who's using Firechat?

CBS Big Brother Live Feeds

How is Firechat Licensed?

Firechat is published under the MIT license.